7 things to do after you say “I Do”

7 things to do after you say “I Do”

| July 01, 2021

For those of us that were married during COVID, we had unique challenges, but also long lasting memories.  From venues being closed to honeymoons being delayed, the process was especially demanding during this time.  

If you’re looking to get married now, you’re seeing pent up demand and booked venues.  Whether you were married last year or it is on the horizon, our colleagues at Frankenmuth have created a guide to assist with your insurance needs.  Here are 7 things to do after you say “I Do:” 

  1. Consolidate your home and auto insurance. 
  2. Or, review your individual coverage. 
  3. Understand how much insurance you can afford. 
  4. Update your life insurance beneficiaries. 
  5. If you don’t have life insurance, consider it (it is the lowest cost it will ever be today).
  6. Insure the wedding rings. 
  7. Change your name (if you’ve decided to). That includes your employer, service providers, subscriptions, professional memberships, alumni associations, and more.

For the complete guide, visit Frankenmuth's site for Things to do after you get married: (fmins.com)

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